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2020 Gauteng Regionals Round 1

The new season kicked off with a good start at Barnstormers Model Flying Club. This round was a bit different than usual since Covid-19 was upon us and extra precautions needed to be taken during the event. This however, did not stop our eager pilots to come out on race day and brush off the rust on their flying skills after a lengthy lockdown period of no flying. All social distancing rules were obeyed with extra precautions in place and the race day went on without incident.

A total of 12 pilots participated in this round, 8 open and 4 sport pilots. We were separated into 3 groups of 4 pilots which meant heats would go quickly and everyone could get in a lot of flying. We flew 2 practice rounds, 12 qualifier rounds and the usual finals with 3 rounds.

The track for this round was a relatively simple one. The first round of every season starts off easy and progresses in difficulty and technicality as we approach nationals at the end of the season. The track was fast paced and also quad friendly with no cube or dive gates. The pilots loved flying the track and were picking up fast times towards the last few qualifier rounds.

It was a fantastic day of racing with beautiful weather and everyone had a great time. We want to thank Barnstormers for the use of their FPV Park and RCEdge for the track setup and timing. A huge thank you to all the pilots who came out to race and congrats to all the pilots who took podium finishes.

A special congrats to Chris Proenca, who not only took the win of the day, but was also voted in as the new Gauteng representative for FlyFPVSA.

Stay safe everyone and we will see you at the next race.

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