FlyFPVSA is a Special Interest Group under SAMAA (South African Model Aircraft Association). The SIG looks after all first-person view flying and is responsible for organizing competitions and events as well as sharing information about the hobby.


What makes First Person View different from other remote control flying is that instead of watching the model aircraft with the naked eye and manoeuvring it from a distance based on what you see, with FPV, the pilot wears goggles and manoeuvres the craft with the use of a camera in the cockpit. The camera feeds the view to the goggles. The experience is completely immersive and the pilot feels as though he or she is actually sitting in the craft hence First Person View.


(As per the Constitution the committee must consist of the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and at least 2 other elected members.)

In the past FAI Rep has been held by Chair or Vice Chair. Core Committee members are also sometimes Regional Reps.


Chris Proenca


Yvette Steyn-Churchman

Vice Chair

Charl Swanepoe


Charl Swanepoel

FAI Tech Rep

Yvette Steyn-Churchman


Fred Every

GP MR Reg Rep

Tristan Twine

WC MR Reg Rep

Yvette Steyn-Churchman

MP MR Reg Rep

Johan Pretorius

GP FW Reg Rep

Mike Nicholls

Regional Reps (MultiRotor and Fixed Wing) form part of expanded committee. In the ideal world where all 9 provinces are active in both disciplines this would make the expanded committee too large to function effectively. If and when this happens, a subcommittee of regional reps, possibly per discipline, to be instituted. This forum then elects one rep that sits on the committee and liaises between the forums. Vice Chair or Chair of SIG would join this forum. SIG committee would then include a MR Rep and a FW Rep.


The South African Model Aircraft Association is the governing body for model aircraft activities (also known as aeromodelling, or model aviation). The SAMAA is delegated by the South African Civil Aviation Authority and the Aero Club of South Africa, to provide a membership service to those interested in the building and flying of all forms of model aircraft.