Fixed Wing Rules & Regulations


All pilots competing must have an active SAMAA membership. All pilots must have a minimum of a Solo Fixed wing rating with an FPV Fixed wing rating.


  • Judges will utilize FPV Goggles or video screens.
  • The judge will call out to his pilot when the pilot has missed a gate or flag.
  • Judges say is FINAL!!! No arguing with the judge, but a DVR review may be requested.


  • At NO TIME are pilots permitted to fly beyond the designated flight boundary
  • Pilots MAY NOT power up their aircraft at any time during a race unless it has the strict approval of the race director. Powering up without approval will result in disqualification.
  • Reckless or dangerous flying is not permitted. A damaged aircraft may be forced to land at the option of the race director.
  • In the event of a video loss, the pilot must reduce throttle to zero and attempt to keep the aircraft away from event boundaries or the pilot’s spotter has to take over control and land the plane safely.
  • Aircraft may be powered up ONLY between races, with a proper dummy load in the designated area.


  • A flight boundary (not necessarily a flight line) shall be established in which no pilot shall cross during the race.
  • The track shall be designed so that pilots racing will not make turns toward the flight boundary area without a significant safe distance.
  • All pilots must always have control of their aircraft.
  • In the event of a video or control failure, the pilot will do their best to navigate the airplane to a safe landing zone away from pilots and spectators, or the pilots spotter will take over control and fly the plane LOS and land it safely.
  • The race director may at his or her discretion force an unsafe pilot to land their aircraft.
  • Landing shall be done in the specified landing area which shall be away from the pilot ground stations and spectators.
  • When the race is over, the pilots will land in the designated landing area.
  • In the event of a fire, the race shall be cancelled immediately. All pilots shall either land or fly safely away from the fire so that emergency crews can put out the fire.
  • Races shall be started from a 10 second count down with all wings flying. At the end of the countdown, the race begins.
  • Pilots may launch their own airplane or have a designated launcher. You are permitted one failed launch per race provided your airplane needs no repairs and can be re-launched immediately.
  • At NO time are pilots permitted to fly past the flight boundary
  • At the end of the race pilots must land quickly in the designated landing area only
  • A pilot will be disqualified if he/she missed a gate or flag during the race, when a gate or flag has been missed the pilot must redo the gate or flag that he/she has missed.
  • Manoeuvres such as split-S and Immelmann manoeuvres are MANDATORY
  • Each pilot is expected to present themselves in a respectful manner toward other pilots and spectators. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.


Each plane will undergo scrutiny at the beginning of a race event. Planes will be inspected to ensure they comply with the class rules. Each electric plane must have a “kill” switch and each plane must have fail safe that has been setup.


Races shall be started either by bungee assisted launch, teammate launch or by timed start. A re-launch for a failed launch will be granted ONLY in the timed start races so long as the airplane can be re-launched immediately after a brief inspection. Launching shall be done away from the pilots and away from the flight line except in a bungee assisted start. In the timed start, a loud verbal countdown shall begin after all planes are up and flying. The clock starts and the race begins when the countdown reaches zero. Pilots who go thru the starting gate prior to the countdown being finished will have to fly back and restart the race.


DVR recording:

  • Pilot may DVR his race.
  • For qualifying races, DVR petition for review shall be submitted no later than 30 minutes after the heat has ended.
  • For championship races, no standings will be made official until DVR is reviewed and verified.


  • Pilots shall be required to be judges of the race immediately following their race (e.g., Heat 1 spots for Heat 2, Last Heat spots for Heat 1 etc). This requires all pilots to be present once racing commences.
  • Judges shall watch in FPV form, either under goggles or a monitor.
  • Racing pilots are required to notify their judge of the frequency that he/she will be flying on.


Each pilot must have a spotter that will follow the race LOS

Timing System

A VTX timing system shall be used. This system should be provided by the event organizer

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