FlyFPVSA MultiRotor Nationals Track Design competition


  1. The competition is open to anyone. You do not have to be an active race pilot. 
  2. Entry to the competition is free.
  3. You may submit more than one track design. Each must be submitted as a separate entry. 
  4. Entries should be mailed to Yvette at 
  5. The design must be done on a grid that represents a 10m x 10m layout of a field with maximum dimensions of 90m x 150m.
  6. You may submit hand drawn or digital drawings.
  7. Ideally the track length should allow for 2 or 3 laps to be flown with a total race length of 1500m – 1800m maximum
  8. You are not limited by the track equipment that is currently available but will be required to provide descriptions of the obstacles and track elements you use on your track.                                                
  9. Collaborative attempts will be accepted (ie two more people can work on a design)
  10. The winner will be announced at the start SAMAA Combined Power Nationals 2022
  11. If the winning design is submitted by a pilot competing at Nationals, the contest director reserves the right to use sections of the winning track or to modify the track as required to avoid any competitive advantage. 
  12. After Nationals, the winning track design, as submitted, will be created in Velocidrone and utilised for a simulator competition. 
  13. The winner will be interviewed for FlyFPVSA’s blog and media channels. 
  14. Please provide your name (names for collaborations) and contact phone number with your entry. 
  15. The competition closes at midnight on 13 March 2022
  16. The judge’s decision is final and no discussions or correspondence will be entered into.

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